Value-Added Services

To meet the increasing demands for product customization and delivery compliance, our global network of facilities and value-added warehousing services helps our customers reduce their global inventory footprint of finished goods.  

Expeditors’ value-added services range from simple to complex, enabling a variety of logistics delivery models that improve customer service while mitigating inventory and transportation costs.

Our value-added services let you meet the diverse needs of customers while improving delivery times. Whether it’s a one-time promotional item project or ongoing light assembly and localization requirements, we are ready to customize your inventory to meet your diverse market needs.

Configuration & Localization

Customized services to deliver products in the markets you need them with hardware and software configuration, installation, and packaging required.

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The ability to assemble multiple parts or components from the same or different sources into a single new unit adds flexibility to your sourcing and manufacturing strategies.

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Returns Management

Our global network of sites provides in-country processing, dispositioning, and recycling to meet your reverse logistics program needs.

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Product Rework

Access our knowledgeable and scalable labor to perform needed product rework, repair, and refurbishment activities.

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Inspection & Compliance

Ensuring compliance with your PO and quality production standards are important first steps in meeting your delivery requirements.

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